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Be Aware Electricity Kills

At Unison we take your safety very seriously.

Coming into contact with overhead power lines or underground cables is dangerous and potentially fatal. It can also end up costing those who cause the damage, thousands of dollars in reparation costs.

You must contact Unison for written consent if you:
  • plan to work within four metres of power lines,
  • plan to transport a load over five metres in height,
  • plan to dig within five metres of a power pole, power cable or power box;
  • plan to trim or fell trees near power lines.

You must contact Unison if you:

  • need underground electrical power cables located;
  • have concerns about power lines or buried electricity cables.


CALL UNISON FIRST  |  0800 2 UNISON  |  0800 286 476

Be Aware Electricity Kills Safety Flyer  |  PDF


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