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In Hawke's Bay, Unison provides a FREE 24- HOUR callout service to attend power and hot water faults on our network.

By calling Unison first you may avoid being charged for a callout from an electrician, when the fault may be on Unison's network.

Before sending a faultman, the call centre staff may ask you to do some basic checks to see if the fault may be within your house rather than Unison's network.

To determine whether the power or hot water fault is confined to your premises or part of a wider outage you can also do the following:


  • Check if the neighbours have power.

  • Check the main switch is on at your switchboard.

  • Try and remember if you turned an appliance on prior to the power fault. If you did, turn off the appliance and check your switchboard fuses.


  • Check that the hot water switch in the cupboard is on
  • Check that the hot water circuit breaker or fuse on the switchboard is ok

Customers in Taupo and Rotorua should call their electricity retailer to report no power or hot water faults.

 CALL UNISON FIRST | 0800 2 UNISON | 0800 286 476




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